The White Island

Ibiza is party, clubbing, luxury, jet-set, bohemian, relaxed, exploited, untouched, paradise beaches, alternative and different – but also so much more. For every year Ibiza becomes more of an all year around destination. Even so, the best time to go would be sometime between the end of April until late October.

Ibiza is a place to where a very different and unique company or group travel would be possible. Believe it or not, the Island hosts a number of great and different hotels perfect to host your conference or other kind of event. Or why not use some of the very special and different venues and places that you´ll find spread across the Island. If you escape the obvious party areas, the Island is also full of cool restaurants where you eat great in remote areas and inspiring surroundings.

To hit the night and the parties is something that´s in the air and it´s almost impossible to not get carried away. If you know where to go, this is also an unforgettable experience and this goes for people of all ages.

But at the end of the day, Ibiza is still foremost clear blue turquoise water. To rent a boat and pay a day visit to Formentera, with some of the best beaches in Europe, is a real highlight. To organize a nice BBQ dinner in the evening is just one of many things that´s at hand.

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  • Approx. 150 000 all year residents
  • Ibiza & Formentera have around 2,5 million visitors / year
  • Distance to Barcelona 300 km
  • With a flight it takes less than 30 minutes
  • Phoenicians were the first to settle on the island around 654 B.C.
  • 1999 UNESCO declared the biodiversity & culture of Ibiza a world Heritage
  • “Es Vedra” is considered the third most magnetic spot on earth
  • The soil around the Island have a peculiar orange colour
  • Spanish & the local language ”Ibicenco” are both official languages
  • Salvador Dali was one of the pioneers visiting the Island
  • Pacha the first club on Ibiza was inaugurated the year 1973
  • Since year 2007 all new hotels have to be 5*

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