Where Europe ends

Mainland Europe’s most Western capital and built upon seven hills, the Greater Lisbon region is home to over 2.5 million “Lisboetas” – whereas the city of Lisbon has around half a million inhabitants.

Lisbon is a city that oozes history, culture and charm – with its winding streets and hilly landscape - the city’s architecture reflects its rich history – although unfortunately, over two-thirds of Lisbon was destroyed during the great earthquake of 1755. Get lost in the colourful neighbourhoods, where the remains of old Lisbon meet new, and the ties to its former colonies in Africa and Brazil are reflected in the population, music and culture.

You are never far from the coast, with its beautiful beaches and cooling Atlantic breeze. Take a trip out of town to the historic town of Sintra, with its UNESCO world heritage status and enjoy one of the preferred destinations for European aristocracy during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The fact that Lisbon offers some of the best value for money in Europe when you consider its year-round mild climate and quality gastronomy, only adds to its appeal as a destination. There are various transport options to move around the city with ease, including a cruise down the River Tejo, to take in the cityscape from the water. First class hotels with conference facilities, provide the ideal base while you enjoy a summer holiday or even a winter escape.


  • More than 2,5 million inhabitants in the wider city region

  • The bridge “Vasco da Gama” is the largest bridge of Europe

  • Lisbon has more than 3000 hours of sun per year

  • Portugal was a military dictatorship until year 1974

  • The tram was inaugurated in1873 and was called "Americanos"

  • Approx. 40 000 people died in the major earthquake in 1755

  • Lisbon is believed to be older then Rome

  • Home to the world’s oldest book-shop

  • ”Parque dos poetas” is a park dedicated to the great poets of Portugal

  • In Lisbon they practise bull fighting without actually killing the bull

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