Where Europe ended

The city on seven hills and Europe’s most western capital is what the local population, "Lisboetas", call home. Big Lisbon is a metropolitan region with over 2,5 million inhabitants. On the other hand, what is the actual Lisbon city is more of big small city with somewhere over half million residents.

This is a historic place of dignity which is still well reflected nowadays in the architecture and the scenery of the city. Unfortunately, more than 2 thirds of Lisbon were destroyed during the great earthquake in year 1755. Lisbon is a place which breathes history, culture and charm with its tangled streets and hilly landscape. Here it´s easy but also rewarding to get lost in the narrow alleys and colourful neighbourhoods of the city. With the city as a beautiful back-drop, you´ll enjoy a sunny and pleasant climate all year around, great gastronomy at a price with few equivalents in Europe, history & culture and a rich and vibrant street life. Lisbon is still characterized by its colonial heritage and for being an important centre for trade and a melting pot of different cultures. The ties to its former colonies in Africa and Brazil is until today well reflected in the population, the music and the culture.

As a visitor you´ll find first class hotels and conference facilities, many great and generous restaurants, a rich night life, varied and different ways to get around and experience the city, possibilities that from the river (Tejo) get another perspective of the city. But Lisbon also offers so much more…….

From Lisbon you are never far away from the coast with its beautiful beaches and cooling Atlantic breeze. Another must go is Sintra, on the list of UNESCO World heritages. Sintra was during the big parts of the 19th and 20th century a hot spot and summer residence for a large number of the European aristocracy.

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  • More than 2,5 million inhabitants in the big city region
  • Lisbon actually consists of more than the often referred to 7 hills
  • The bridge “Vasco da Gama” is the largest bridge of Europe
  • Lisbon has more than 3000 hours of sun per year
  • Portugal was a military dictatorship until year 1974
  • The Tram was inaugurated year 1873 and was then called "Americanos"
  • Approx. 40 000 people died in big earthquake year 1755
  • Lisbon is believed to be older then Rome
  • You´ll here also find the world’s oldest book-shop
  • Read a poem of Fernando Pessoa
  • ”Parque dos poetas” is a park dedicated to the great poets of Portugal
  • In Lisbon they exercise bull fighting without actually killing the bull

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