The Royal Capital

The genuine Spain. The above sea level highest situated capital in Europe. The metropolis in the very geographical centre of Spain. There are many ways in how Madrid could be described.

"Madrileños", as the local inhabitants of the city are referred to, lives on historical ground which perhaps the classical architecture of the city is the best example of. Well known attractions in the city-centre include The Royal Palace – "Palacio Real", the vibrant main street "Gran Via" with its shopping, restaurants and theatres, the park - "Parque del Buen Retiro". And not to be forgotten Madrid hosts the world famous museums, "Prado", "Reina Sofia" and "Thyssen". The museums are in everyday speech often referred to as the "Museum Triangle". This is a must visit for the one preoccupied by art and culture. Madrid has pulse, a vibrant nightlife, great gastronomy, flamenco, history and culture. Make your way up to one of the many terraces that the city offers and enjoy, accompanied by a cool drink, the view of Madrid’s silhouette with its rooftops, towers and pinnacles.

If you want to escape the hustle of the big city for a moment, many nice parks at short distance serve well as a refuge. A recommendation is also to get outside Madrid for a day and visit some of the very interesting sites and places that are within good reach such as: the historical and antique Spanish capital Toledo, the former residence of the Spanish king in El Escorial, or for that matter some genuine, familiar and cosy vineyard.

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  • Third most populated metropolitan area in Europe
  • 5,5 million inhabitants
  • Madrid was planned to be at the exact centre of the country
  • Madrid is situated 650 m above sea level
  • Is home to "Warner Brothers Movie World"
  • Have most cloud free days in Europe
  • On of the greenest cities in Europe
  • The size of “Parque Retiro” is 1/3 of Central Park
  • The Prado museum has more than 3 million visitors annually
  • Real Madrid was crowned the best team of the 20th century

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