The Royal Capital

The “real” Spain. Located right in the geographical centre of Spain, its altitude of 667m above sea level makes it the highest capital city in Europe.

”Madrileños”, the local inhabitants, live surrounded by some of the country’s most iconic buildings: the Royal Palace – Palacio Real, the vibrant main street “Gran Via” with its shopping, theatres and restaurants, and the Retiro park, with its famous monuments and boating lake. And let’s not forget, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, home to the most successful football team in the world – Real Madrid. For art lovers, the trio of spectacular museums: the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyseen – all located in the “Triangle of Museums” along the tree lined avenue “Paseo del Prado”, are a must-visit.

If Madrid by day is packed with history, art and culture, Madrid by night does not disappoint either! It is world renowned for its restaurants, trendy bars and vibrant nightlife. Why not take in a view of the city from one of its rooftop bars, with a delicious cocktail, before hitting the town?

If you want to escape the hustle of the capital for a day, just a short train journey away you can find the historic city of Toledo – once the capital of Spain before Madrid. Or alternatively, El Escorial, the former residence of the Spanish monarch. For a gastronomical treat, historic Segovia is also nearby where you can visit its impressive aqueduct, followed by a lunch of “cochinillo” – the local delicacy of suckling pig.


  • Third most populated metropolitan area in Europe

  • 5,5 million inhabitants

  • Madrid was planned to be at the exact centre of the country

  • Madrid is situated 650 m above sea level

  • Is home to "Warner Brothers Movie World"

  • Has most cloud free days in Europe

  • One of the greenest cities in Europe

  • The size of “Parque Retiro” is 1/3 of Central Park

  • The Prado museum has more than 3 million visitors annually

  • Real Madrid was crowned the best team of the 20th century

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