Picasso & Flamenco

The people of Andalusia are well known for their passionate temperament but also their hospitality and generosity. The Mediterranean coast along Andalusia, "Costa del Sol", with places such as Málaga, Marbella, Estepona, Nerja and Almeria - is very popular among foreign visitors but also for Spaniards from other parts of the country. Here you´ll find everything from the luxury in Marbella to more of a charter vibe in Torremolinos. Málaga is the natural hot-spot along this spectacular coastline. The city reflects the typical Andalusian such as passion and warmth.

As a destination Málaga functions throughout the whole year with its pleasant climate, different attractions and the diversity that a bigger city offers. As an example, nearby you´ll find: golf courses attracting golfers from all over the world, the prominent wine districts D.O. Malaga & D.O. Sierras de Malaga most famous for its sweet wines such as Moscatel & Pedro Ximenes, excellent citrus and olive plantations. In Málaga itself there is also plenty to discover such as: superb gastronomy, flamenco and a lot of culture. A real highlight is to get lost in the narrow alleys of the old city while getting up-dated on its history, visiting small taverns and digging deeper into the local cuisine.

Not far from Málaga, there are a lot of varied and interesting activities and excursions at hand. With Málaga as your base, you can do such different things as: Visit Gibraltar, Marocko, Alhambra or wine yards in Ronda to go Skiing in Sierra Nevada, trekking in magnificent nature or go Jet-Skiing in Marbella.

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  • The city roots back to 770 years BC
  • Was a part of the Carthage empire
  • Here you´ll find the ruins of 2 antique Moorish castles
  • The sixth biggest city of Spain
  • The fourth biggest economy in Spain
  • Almost 600 000 inhabitants
  • The historical city centre is car free since year 2003
  • Calle Larios is one of Spain’s most expensive commercial streets
  • Has the warmest winters in Europe
  • The city is green all year around
  • The locals are called Malagueños
  • Pablo Picasso & Antonio Banderas are Malagueños

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