The city of bridges

Approximately 3 hours north of Lisbon, situated along the Douro river estuary is a relatively unknown gem of the Atlantic coast: Porto.

A boat ride along the river offers spectacular views of the city, rising up from the river banks. On one side of the river stands the city of Porto itself, on the other, Vila Nova de Gaia, connected by impressive bridges. Porto is known for its seafaring industry, manufacturing and probably most famously – the production of Port wine, and a visit to one of the wine cellars, dotted along the banks of the river, is a must in every visitor’s itinerary. The wine cellars are also excellent venues for hosting events, celebrations and gala dinners.

Getting around is easy – the historic trams being an attraction in their own right, although it is a comfortable city to move around on foot, and the beaches are just 15 minutes away by car if you fancy a trip to the coast.

The choice of hotels covers all needs and budgets, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway, family holiday or corporate event. And when it comes to the local gastronomy, eating out is a real pleasure – Portugal has certainly earned itself a reputation as a country where gourmet food can still be affordable. However, spending an evening watching the world go by on one of the terraces by the riverside is definitely recommended to all visitors to the city.

The surrounding historical towns of Braga and Guimarães (the latter former European Capital of Culture 2012) are perfect for a one-day excursion. Or if you have time to travel further afield, the picturesque vineyards on the hills of the Douro River are perfect for a day sampling the local wines.


  • Approx. 250 000 inhabitants
  • Distance to Lisbon 320 km
  • Porto was founded year 1123 A.D.
  • Portugal is named after Porto
  • Year 1996 named a World Heritage by UNESCO
  • As many as 6 bridges connects Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia
  • The Bridge D. Luis is designed by Gustave Eiffel
  • The Douro river measures 897 km
  • Most popular beer is Super Bock with a 70 % market share

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