Have a special colour.......

As in the emblematic song "Sevilla tiene un color especial" it´s fair to claim that Seville has its own special “colour” and feel which is difficult to put in words. Here we found ourselves at historic ground in the heart of Andalusia as well as in the capital of the region.

"Los Sevillanos" as the locals are called are very proud about their city and do not hesitate in placing it at the top of the list as the most beautiful and important city of Spain. Here you are met by warmth in two ways, by the obvious hot weather but also and even maybe more by the welcoming friendly locals. As a destination Seville offers history, culture, architecture & elegant typical Spanish "patios" (inner yards), gastronomy, flamenco and late lively warm nights. During the hottest epoch in the summer everything grounds to a halt during the day until after around 20h00 when people again hit the streets until late. To just sit down next to the river at sundown and inhale the splendour of the city is a true pleasure. Or even better, get a boat trip to get an even more impressive view of Seville. Every year in April a big celebration, "Feria de Abril", dedicated to Flamenco and its heritage is celebrated. Throughout five days people gathers to party and dance, often dressed up in traditional Flamenco costumes – the very essence of Andalusia. A long lived tradition in Seville is to get around by horse and carriage which is also an outstanding and highly recommended way to discover the city.

Not far from away you´ll find many interesting sites to visit. Embrace the local culture and pay a visit to a horse breeding farm that showcases the world famous and beautiful Andalusian horses, or visit the emblematic bullfighting bulls. If you are into wines, the district "Jerez de la frontera", foremost known for its sherry, is situated less than an hour south of Seville. The surrounding smaller antique and historical relevant cities and villages are also more than well worth a visit.

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  • Approx. 700 000 people call Seville their home
  • Warmest city in Spain
  • Yearly average daily temperature 18,6° C
  • The concept of Tapas is claimed to originate from here
  • “Feria de Abril” and Easter are the most important holidays
  • It takes 2,5 hours with the high speed train to Madrid
  • Here you find the world’s largest roman catholic Cathedral
  • Christopher Columbus is buried here
  • Seville makes the silhouette to the famous Opera Carmen
  • The square “Plaza España” is used in the movie Star Wars II
  • FC Seville have won the Euro League for 3 consecutive years
  • “Guadalquivir” is the name of the river running through the city

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