In the north with world-class gastronomy

San Sebastian, Pamplona, Bilbao, the Bay of Biscay do all form part of what is the autonomous region of The Basque country. From wide stretched beaches to mountain peaks in the Pyrenees, larger cities to small picturesque villages, vineyards in the neighbouring Rioja and absolute world-class gastronomy is here to be found. There are more Michelin guide crowned restaurants per capita in San Sebastian than anywhere else in the world. The common name The Basque country refers to an area situated in and divided between Spain and France. It is also thought to be one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Unique customs and traditions are at display, for which perhaps the own and peculiar language Euskera is the most obvious symbol of.

Bilbao is traditionally and historically viewed upon as an industrial- city and hub for northern Spain. This image has lately shifted towards a place for culture, service and tourism. The foremost example of this, with its specific and unique architecture, is undoubtedly the world-famous art museum Guggenheim that was inaugurated year 1997. In contrast San Sebastian is characterised by more of glamour, its beaches, beautiful surroundings and a holiday vibe. Only 20 km away you are in France and 30 more minutes in the popular vacation spot and surf Mecca Biarritz.

Both the traditional as well as the innovative modern cuisine of The Basque country offers a culinary adventure out of the ordinary. Hop from bar to bar to taste and enjoy the variety of “Pintxos” on offer, eat a fabulous dinner at one of the many gourmet restaurants at hand, hit a ”sidreria” at the country side and flush down a tender great stake with the local and much popular cider.

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  • A total of aprox. 3 million inhbaitants
  • 90 % of the Basques lives in the Spanish part
  • The remaining is to be found in France
  • The Basque country has the highest GDP / Capita in Spain
  • The biggest city is Bilbao with 350 000 inhabitants
  • Distance to San Sebastian is 100 km
  • San Sebastian has approx. 190 000 inhabitants
  • The first film festival of San Sebastian was held year 1953
  • Pintxos originates from here
  • Pintxos are different delights on a small piece of bread
  • The language Euskera lacks grammatic equivalents in the world
  • Until recently the Islandic law “permitted” the killings of Basques

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