The home of the Paella

As a destination Valencia functions around the year with its sunny weather, warm summers and mild winters. The city is characterised by a mixture of modern and old antique architecture. Since the founding of the city year 138 B.C. it has been under the rule of various masters such as the Romans, the Moors and eventually the Christians.

Valencia is a big city that offers architecture, sun, non-overexploited wide beaches, green, sports, nightlife and a gastronomy with various rice dishes as its most important component. Water-sports are highly valued and Valencia is a perfect spot for great sailing. The former river "Turia" that during the 1950's was drained on water is now a park and a bicycle paradise. Here you´ll also find Valencia’s most characteristic landmark "The City of Arts and Sciences". It’s an avant-garde and futuristic museum complex which also resides the city’s Opera house. A visit to here and the chance to experience and see those unique and spectacular buildings is highly recommended.

Also take the chance to leave the city and discover its rich surroundings such as the protected beautiful wetlands of Albufera, the wine district of the region and the nice natural beaches down south. Not far away you´ll also find ideal areas to preform outdoor activities in splendid nature.

Valencia offers many good, qualitative and priceworthy hotels ideal for bigger corporate events and celebrations.

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  • Third largest city of Spain
  • More than 800 000 inhabitants
  • Resides the biggest comercial port in Spain
  • Here Spanish is spoken but also "Valenciano"
  • The famous Paella is said to originate from Valencia
  • The word Paella originally means frying pan in "Valenciano"
  • The Spanish electronic club emerged from here
  • “Turia” was a river and is now Europes largest urban park
  • City of arts & sciences carries the signature of Santiago Calatravas
  • In August a big tomato war is held in nearby town of Buñol
  • Valencia’s most important festivity "Las Fallas” is held in March
  • The Holy Grail is claimed to be hidden in the city´s cathedral
  • The 15th century is referred to as the golden age of Valencia
  • The University of Valencia was founded year 1499

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