The Metropolis of the Mediterranean

Barcelona, "The Metropolis of the Mediterranean", continues to inspire both its citizens and visitors. It´s well-known that in Barcelona you can combine different experiences that leave you wanting to come back over and over again….. Both first time visitors and people who call Barcelona their second home can be seen strolling down the alleys of this scenic backdrop with an awakened expression on their face. Choose pleasure, get surprised and enjoy every moment in this vibrant, colourful and unique city.

Whether it’s the proximity to the sea, the stunning areas along the coast, skiing in the Pyrenees mountains, or the numerous vineyards at a short distance, Barcelona offers a diversity that´s hard to compete with. Barcelona is a progressive city in constant motion where trendy hotels, restaurants and venues pop up, keeping the city at a constant current. Here, there is no need to compromise anything with regards to your travel or corporate event.

Barcelona contains a lot of culture and is foremost known for its outstanding architecture and creative city planning. The city for a long time has been a reference and a romantic fantasy for city-planners and urbanists from all corners of the globe. For the sports enthusiast, here, you also have the chance to follow this millennia’s most successful soccer team in person.

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  • 3 million inhabitants in ”big Barcelona”
  • 2 Official languages: Catalan & Spanish
  • Average annual temperature approx. 17,5º C
  • 4,5 km stretch of beaches
  • Crowned best ”beach city” of the world
  • 2500 hours of sun every year
  • More than 8 million visitors per year
  • 35 000 hotel rooms and 70 000 beds
  • Sagrada de Familia expected to be completed in year 2026
  • First & only city awarded the RIBA
  • RIBA = Royal Gold Medal for its architecture

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