The Metropolis of the Mediterranean

Barcelona, the “Metropolis of the Mediterranean”, continues to inspire both its citizens and visitors. Due to its location, the city offers you the chance to combine different activities and experiences, so that each visit can give you something different: a city break, a beach holiday and even a mountain retreat! Barcelona is what you make of it!

Whether it’s the proximity to the sea, the stunning coastal towns, skiing in the Pyrenees mountains, or the numerous vineyards in the surrounding countryside, Barcelona’s diversity is hard to compete with. The city is in perpetual motion, where trendy hotels, restaurants and venues pop-up all the time; there really is something for everyone.

The city has a rich cultural heritage, with historical landmarks dating back thousands of years. It is primarily known for its outstanding architecture, especially the “modernist” style of the last century, made famous by the likes of Antoni Gaudí – it has long been a city of reference for city planners and urban enthusiasts. Gaudí’s masterpiece, the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia regularly features in the list of the world’s top tourist attractions.

For the sports enthusiast, here, you also have the chance to follow this millennia’s most successful football team up close, with a trip to the Camp Nou to tour the stadium or take in a live match!

In Barcelona, there is no need to compromise on anything with regards to your travel or cooperate event.


  • 3 million inhabitants
  • 2 Official languages: Catalan & Spanish
  • Average annual temperature approx. 17,5º C
  • 4,5 km stretch of beaches
  • Crowned best ”beach city” in the world
  • 2500 hours of sun every year
  • More than 8 million visitors per year
  • 35 000 hotel rooms and 70 000 beds
  • Sagrada Familia Basilica expected to be completed in year 2026

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